Mural of Chinatown NYC

  • I was lucky enough to get a mural commission from Museum of Chinese in America New York City for their children's education center. The purpose of the mural is to give local kids a full view of what is chinatown, including many of the signature details, such as bakery shop, noodle shop, HongKong grocery store and others.
  • The finished digital image of the mural all in vector, which allows easy process for big scale reproduction, done with Adobe Illustrator,
  • The project involves a lot of work on the research stage to make a list of what is important to be included. It is a learning process for me and I get to challenge myself to arrange and organize high volume information in a limited canvas. You get to make work that you are proud of when encountering the right clients, one that helps you learn about your own root! Special thanks to Nancy and Lauren!
  • The original sketch of the mural drew with Ipad Pro, you can find some different stages of development and changes here.
  • Delivery guy for restaurants, mailbox, instrument players in the park, senior citizens, cat and teenagers playing sports.
  • Row1: The chinatown signages | The delicious Chinese bakery | Hanging clothes from fire escapes | Signature noodle shop
    Row2: The chinatown flower shop | Dental Office, Bookstore, Dim sum spot | Grocery store | Manhattan Bridge, People in the park
  • This is part of my Chinatown illustration series, and you can find other related project here:

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