Welcome to Chinatown Public Art series

  • Welcome to Chinatown is a recent public art collaboration of myself, Art department of NYC DOT​ and Museum of Chinese in America​. Officially launched at the end of October 2017, a series of my artwork has been installed at the Chinatown Kiosk on Canal Street and Walker Street, as well as underneath Brooklyn bridge on Pearl Street. ​​​​​​​
  • Finished Artwork
  • This series of artwork is focused on documenting the daily life of people in Chinatown, as well as highlight the signature business throughout the neighborhood. The team hopes to connect with local residents by representing themselves in vivid artwork, and to attract more people from out of Chinatown to come and explore. 
  • Finished artwork
  • During the process of creating this series of artwork, I did a lot of research Thank you so much to Nancy from MOCA; Emily, Nina and Courtney from DOT ART!
  • Finished artwork
  • This is part of my Chinatown illustration series, and you can find other related project here:

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