MICA Competitive Scholarships 2018

  • Competitive Scholarships 2018
  • MVA Rebrand Project l UX/UI & Branding with Iphone Version

    MVA APP is about the Motor Vehicle Administration, and it provides diverse information and knowledge to drivers. Also, it guides driver’s manuals such as traffic signals, signs and pavement markings to new drivers. This project is a re-design and package arguable some of the worst forms people consistently encounter: DMV forms.

  • ShippingSupply.com Rebrand Project l UX/UI & Branding: Website, Posters, Tags, Wrapping Paper

    ShippingSupply.com Rebrand Project is a rebrand for the actual website, ShippingSupply.com. There are seven different scroll web pages design, additional collateral printed posters, tags and wrapping papers. Each design comes with unique design formats and various icons.​​​​​​​

  • Baltimore Art Rising Poem Design l Poster Print

    Baltimore Art Rising Poem Design is a collaboration between high school spoken word poets and graphic design college students.
    "Her" _ by Nevaeh Gibson 

  • Wonderland: Art & Music World Festival l Art & Music Festival Branding: Poster, 
    Artalk Series Posters, Event Pass Tickets, Brochures, Iphone Case Design

    Wonderland is an event, which means Art & Music World Festival. The festival performs in New York City, and people can experience art and craft-making from multiple cultures at the Wonderland festival. This project includes diverse printed materials such as posters, brochures and event pass tickets. Also, swags show a new visual representation by attempting the various formats.

  • Dada Collage Cards & Envelope Design l Collage & Design with Dadaism Artists

    Dada collage Cards & Envelope were designed based on Dada movement. Three Dada artists inspired this project a lot, and they are Kurt SchwittersMarcel Duchamp, and Salvador Dali. These artists have their own unique artistic style and perspective.

  • The Melody l Animated Sound Motion Project

    Time Length: 00:31 seconds