Wrong Museum-Brand Identity

  • A recent study found that South Korean young people feel the least happy of any members of the OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). How can students find true value and define their own meaning of beauty and success without being stressed about grades and the meaning of capitalized success? Is there really one way to define beauty and success?

    Wrong Museum gives the audiance an opportunity to see behind the curtain of the lens of cultural success and beauty in South Korea. The exhibit encourages people to discover and believe in personal values rather than comparing and measuring with others. Through the exhibition, people will be aware of redefining and believing their self-identities and learn how not to gain self accomplishments by blindly comparing with others. The museum also teaches that being different is not ‘wrong’ and encourages people to believe in their own personal thoughts.

    Wrong Museum aims children to young adults who are in the boundary of school, and yet experienced the bigger world. This exhibit is also an opportunity to their parents to learn that accepting capitalized success as the only success can cause various side effects to their children. Since the brand will act as a social movement and a belief system, the brand will be considered as a macrosystem which can impact the whole society in Korea.
  • Used didot and futura to express perfection which the society pursue and the hand lettered font to propose thoughtful questions.
  • The three vivid colors indicate positive vibes: discovering one’s own identity through exploration.