Stratosphere: the Experience


    Stratosphere is a navigation experience app, which guides the user in air travel. This fictional application offers various services including ready-to-go boarding passes, customizable packing lists, Uber/Lyft integration, and much more. Each facet of the journey is considered, allowing the user to complete tasks in the app long before and after the anticipated flight. Currently there exist a number of apps which must be used in collection in order to air travel via mobile device, however, there could be just one. This is it:
  • Shown above are sample screens which display the user interface. A dark-colored background is used to avoid jarring light when the airplane is in flight and create easy contrast for viewing. A simple button to the top right of each screen takes the user back to the menu, allowing any feature to be accessed at any time. The color selection is modeled after various airline color palettes.
  • Very linearly ordered, the screens guide the user via a circle navigation function. Each feature can be used on its own without necessary use of any other feature, allowing the user to create a custom use for the application. Below is an animated walk-through of how each screen is intended to function.
  • Displayed below is an example Instagram ad, which would appear on a user's feed via geotag, locating them at an airport. Many travelers use social media while in line for bag check, security, or boarding, which would pull their attention to this app as they are directly engaging with the air travel experience.
  • Thank you.