Competitive Scholarship 2017-2018

  • Competitive Scholarship


  • - I -

  • 動 dòng
    Installation with 6x7ft performative painting on canvas, industrial coveralls, and house paint buckets

  • 動 dòng

    Dòng is a piece that embraces the performative aspect of painting. The idea undergoes the making process is to erase the gap between human and art mediums, as when most art mediums are used as a tool for artist expression, the human body becomes the tool for artistic expression. The painting embodies two levels in the art-making process – consciousness and unconsciousness. As for “consciousness”, the participant of the performance were programmed to a series of specific instructions in order to convey a sense of grid and order, and it makes up the base of the painting. As a contrast, when “unconsciousness” lays on top of the base, the idea was to embrace a sense of randomness while the participants were blindfolded and when they move, the movements were distinctive acts that are based on their natural instincts.


    - II -

  • Identity
    video projection performance
    This media work is a piece of video art projection performance which focuses on the idea of "identity." My identity is shaped by traveling and this media piece is tended to show that part of me. The performance mainly contains four elements: the script, the projection, the clothing, and myself. The script that I'm reading live syncs with the projected videos in the background, as well the change of clothing. The script is a brief explanation of each location I've lived or traveled to such as Dali, Cape Town, Tokyo, and Paris and how they influenced me in specific ways. Whenever the clothing changes, the video shifts to another location as well, with each clothing representing very specific experiences of that location.

  • - III -

  • Manufactured
    Light production project
    "Manufactured" is a piece that has the intent to convey our sense of perception between artificial and natural light. In a bigger picture, the work is also intended to question the idea of "Art" and what makes it appear to be "Art". Personally, I believe that Art is manufactured from what surrounds us in our day to day life, and light is often the "object" that we are surrounded with every single moment, in the daytime, we are fed by sunlight. During the night, we are fed by artificial lights, it's always there, but there were moments that we failed to recognize. 

  • - IV -
  • "Color of Rio"
    Oil Painting on Canvas with Palette Knife
    This piece shows a corner of the slum inside of Rio, and I exaggerate the colors to show the misinterpretation toward slums that they were dirty and plain, yet, in fact, they are quite colorful and interesting to look at if we pay close attention.