• "St. Denis"
    First bishop of Paris, patron saint of France. Martyred by beheading.

  • "St. George and the Dragon"
    Patron saint of many countries, most notably England. Defeated a dragon.
  • "Demetrios of Thessaloniki" 
    A military saint of the Orthodox. Often seen with St. George.
  • "St. Demetrius"
    Martyred when he was run through with spears while imprisoned.
  • "Death of a Star"
    The end of Lucifer, the Morning Star, and the beginning of Satan.
  • "St. Sebastian"
    Martyr, shot through with arrows.
  • "St. Michael"
    St. Michael trampling Satan, as in the Book of Revelation. The text comes from the Vulgate of the same chapter.
  • "Lucifer"
    A transition from an angel to the devil.
  • "St. Peter"
    Stories of his method of crucifixion inspired this piece.
  • "St. Joan of Arc"
    Visited by three saints, Joan was compelled to serve her king and God.