Chanelle Hicks Competitive Scholarship 2018-2019

  • 3 Dimensional Illustration Project "Witchy Squirrel Cabinet" 
  • 3 Dimensional Illustration Project (Internal View) "Witchy Squirrel Cabinet" 
    Cardboard, Glue, Acrylic Paint, Sculpey, Paper
  • Witchy Squirrel 

  • Drawing II Final with Sculptural Component- Progressive Project "Memories"
    Charcoal on Cold Press Paper, Cardboard, Sculpey, Acrylic Paint, Nails
  • "Broken" (Homes)
  • Inside View of Drawing II Final House
    Cardboard, Sculpey, 24 kt Gold Leaf, Acrylic Paint, Lemon Cake 
  • Drawing II Progressive Project "Memories" (Tent)
    Fabric, Bottles, Charcoal, Glass, Archival Paper, Wood, Oil Pastel
  • Tent of Memories
  • Illustration Prompt "Why the Cat Kills the Rat"
    Gouache Paint, Archival Paper
  • The Thief
  • Puppetry Performance "Cooking Show aka: The Many Adventures of Harold the Chicken"
    Cardboard, Acrylic Paint, Newsprint
  • Puppetry Rod Puppet "Penelope"
    Paper Mache, Wood, Fabric Acrylic Paint, Wire
  • Illustration Prompt "Architectural/Business Card"
    Acrylic on Archival Paper
  • Illustration Prompt for the Botanical Gardens (Show Pending Spring 2018)
    3D Cut Paper on Foam Core, Acrylic, Gouache, Digital Text
  • Illustration Sequential Narrative Prompt: Pop Up Book
    Brush Pen, Cardboard, Bristol, Fabric, Glue