MICA Competitive Scholarship 2018

    Hand lettering • Fall 2017 
    Re Designed Yellow Pages Advertisement for Stereo Store
    (bottom right image original Yellow page Ad)
    Ink on paper, scanned and colored digitally on Adobe Illustrator
    11" X 13"

  • Everything Everything By Nicola Yoon
    Hand lettering • Fall 2017 
    Book Cover Design
    Watercolor, ink, scanned and digitally edited on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
     7.5" X 10"​​​​​​​
  • Chance the Rapper
    Hand lettering • Fall 2017 
    Gig Poster
    Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
     13" X 19"
  • Perception
    Independent Study in Digital Artmaking • Spring 2017 
    Installation work  
    Printed, cut and collaged acetate on 10" X 10" plexi glass panels
    25 panels
  • Modern Art 
    Mixed Media Book Arts • Fall 2017 
    7 page Double Stitch Concertina The Double stitch allows the book to be viewed in two ways. The first way makes the book appear to be all black, however, when stretched out the names on the edges of each page become colored.
    Pages: Lazer cut then later printed cardstock Images created in Photoshop
    Structure: Book board, waxed linen thread and Arches Cover Papers ​​​​​​​
    Closed: 8" X 8"
    Opened Streched: 8" X 33"
    Opened unstretched: 8" X 16"

  • Chloe
    Graphic Deisgn II • Fall 2017 
    Coded Glitch Art Website
    This video shows me navigating through the website I coded for Graphic Design II. The website is coded using CSS, HTML, and Javascript through the program Atom. The assignment was to create a website for an alternate identity. Along with creating an alternate identity we were also required to make an instagram, twitter, and snapchat account for this fake person and post on these social media accounts everyday for 5 weeks. With these posts we created an archive page for our final website. Our final website had to link to a page containing all of the research we found for our alternate identity, an archive page, twitter, and instagram. My alternate Identity is inspired by Glitch Art; Chloe is meant to represent the complete opposite of myself. I focused mainly on making the media breaks interesting as well as making my website responsive. I also played around with making my images and navigation glitchy. The website has a total of 3 different navigations menus which change on the media breaks. The website is also compatible for mobile, and tablets.  In addition to coding the website I also designed and created all of the images, gifs, and typography displayed.