Leaflet design - Moonlight Tour

  • Leaflet design - Moonlight Tour
  • “Changdeokgung Palace Moonlight Tour” is a unique cultural experience, which can be enjoyed at Changdeokgung Palace Complex, an architectural legacy that was designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. The program involves guided tours around Changdeokgung by experienced commentators, and Korean traditional performances along with traditional refreshments after the tour.

    I designed the leaflet to inform visitors to Korea of the tour, which allows participants to experience the quiet stillness of the night and the new faces of the palace to the fullest. I used the viewpoints of the people when looking up at the buildings to emphasize the grandiosity of Hanok (traditional Korean-style building), and reinterpreted the unique beauty of Chunyeo (the corners of the eaves) which spreads out toward the sky through a modern perspective. Additionally, in order for the whole design to exhibit its true mystique and beauty, I tried to contrast the Hanok, spotlighted by colorful illumination to the moonlight and sparkling stars.

    DATE Nov 2017 
    CATEGORY Print, leaflet design
    NOTE Independent Project​​​​​​​