MICA Competitive Scholarship 2017/2018

  • Fawn (Albino)
    Paper, cork, glass eyes, ink, paint. 
    12x6x5 inches
    Spring 2017

  • Food Chain 
    Paper, watercolor, thread, book board/cloth
    5x7x1 inches
    Spring 2017
  • Endangered Species
    Recycled/found papers, ink
    30x16x14 inches (full installation, varying heights)
    Spring 2017
  • Deforestation Map 2005 - 2010 - 2016
    Acrylic plexi, wood, laser engraving, ink, and metal hardware. 
    24x18x6 inches (full installation)
    Fall 2017

  • Nocturnal Animals Flip Book
    White ink on vellum, backlit with LED lights, plastic and wood light box. 
    4x6x2 inches (book) 6x8x10 inches (box)
    Fall 2017
  • Bodies (kinetic sculpture) 
    Wood, watercolor printed on transparency, LED light. 
    22x8x10 inches (two boxes, same size)
    Fall 2017

  • Photosynthesis (Kinetic Sculpture)
    Wood, watercolor printed on transparency, metal fastener, vellum, LED lights. 
    22x16x3 inches
    Fall 2017
  • Endangered
    Clay, Paper sourced from recycling bins, LED light, plexi acrylic. 
    24x4x4 (varying lengths) 
    Fall 2017
  • Ghosts of deforestation
    White paper sourced from recycling bins, white ink, LED lights.
    Varying sizes up to 35x14x14
    Fall 2017