MICA Competitive Scholarship 2017-2018

  • Randomness/Sequentiality 
    Poster  17x22"  2017
    A poster using the concept of playing cards to explore the relationship between randomness and sequentiality.
  • How Its Made: Fortune Cookies 
    Poster  17x22"  2017
    A visual explanation poster on how fortune cookies are mass produced. I did extensive research into the production of fortune cookies in factories and created a poster that visualized the process step by step.

  • Absurdity Is The Only Reality Exhibition
    Poster and Book Cover  Poster: 13x19" Book Cover: 6x9"  2017
    An exhibition poster and book cover celebrating the work of photographer Andrew B. Myers. I studied the style and technique of his photography and used my own images that explored the variety of color and flatness seen throughout Myer's photos.
  • HOME: Kathy and Lili
    Photobooklet  5x5" each  2017
    A photobooklet duo exploring the different cultural backgrounds and upbringings of my two roommates. 
  • Muriel Cooper Retrospective Exhibition 
    Poster  18x24"  2017
    Typographic exhibition poster showcasing the work of Muriel Cooper, a pioneering graphic designer. Cooper's dedication in introducing programming to graphic design is represented in the poster through the vector background and typography.
  • Grand Budapest Hotel Opening Premier Invitation 
    Card and Envelope  4x6" each  2017
    Card and envelope design for an opening premier of the Grand Budapest Hotel movie. Extensive research on the movie and real life inspirations from Germany led to the dramatic and elegant design of the card and envelope.