MICA 2018 Scholarship Portfolio

  • "Body Ergonomics" project reveals lines of movement of (in this case) an equestrian/equine figure in relation to the immediate surrounding space (September 2017) 19.5x14.5x6.5 in. 
  •  "Emotional Disaster Relief Structure" 
    Elements of Visual Thinking final project-- created for those times when you just need to get away from everyone (April-May 2017)
  • Final model for a precedent project -- Tom Kundig's "Sawmill House" as well as the model features a movable window/door that allows for the whole front of the house to open. (November 2017) 
  • "Paper Leaf Canopy," is an interactive installation created to emphasize relaxation and meditation --  created for an assignment about refractions and tessellations of a single motif/structure/element. (April 2017) About 4x5 ft. 
  • Drawings for a "Hikers' Pavilion" -- designs were created from an earlier assignment about cardboard folding (December 2017) 20x60 in. 
  • Model (plus detail photos) of "Hikers' Pavilion" (November-December 2017)