Mess Making

  • This project is my first studio elective at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore. Titled 'A.K.A (Also Known As) , the project brief revolved around alter egos, personas, and second selves that act as opposites or exaggerations of our inherent traits. 

    Sometimes there is a certain order amongst things that are disorganized and chaotic. My alter ego was a person who tries and see the beauty beneath some of these settings. 
  • These are some outcomes of a workshop that helped us to consolidate our concept and explore visual styles and techniques. 
  • This was my design process, looking at a mess in two distinct ways.
  • For the noun part of the project, I used images of different kinds of 'messes' and layer shapes and other graphical elements on top to create a visual narrative that re-enforces the hidden order behind the disorder.
  • Using different colours, materials and styles was crucial to create a visually rich set of explorations.
  • For the verb part of the project, I used handmade typography explorations that act as prompts for anyone to try and make a mess themselves. I focused on the texture, material and intention of these prompts.
  • All these different artworks came together to form the main part of my exhibition piece along with a video.  
  • This was my final deliverable, a motion piece that puts together the two sides of this project.