Competitive Scholarship 2018

  • Family Vacation Series
    (Consisting of two bathing suits and wrap skirt) 
    Two Piece Bathing Suit, digitally printed Nylon Lycra 
    Fit to Model's Size
  • One Piece Bathing Suit (Detail Shot) 
    Digitally Printed Nylon Lycra
     Fit to my Size 
  • Wrap Skirt
    Digitally printed on Silk Chiffon
    Fit to my size 
  • When The Sun Sets
    Leno Weaving, Pearl Cotton Yarn
    4ft x 7ft 

  • A Study on Creating an Environment 
    Guayabera Auténtica, Digitally Printed Linen Jacket, Fit to My Size, Based on the traditional Guayabera Shirt 

    Pool Party Dress, Digitally Printed Cotton Sheeting , Fit to My Size, 2017 
  • Florentina 
    Weaving, Pearl Cotton Yarn, Cotton Chenille, 
    3ft x 7ft 
  • Abuelitas 
    Weaving made by Double- Cloth Process, Bamboo Yarn, Wool Yarn 
    24"x 24"