MICA 2018 Competitive Scholarship Gianna Chun

  • Intertwined Fears
    Found materials; industrial packing lint, film cartridges, fabric
    Physical written fears from others are woven in the piece, along with symbolic representations of my own fears.
  • 中国是我的家(吗?)
    Translation: The word in parentheses "吗" alters the meaning of the title "中国是我的家" (China is My Home) to a question, "中国是我的家吗?" (Is China My Home?)
    Sizes Variable, approx. 33"x13" when flat
    Embroidery on hand dyed QiPao
    This piece was worn whilst discussing my upbringing, connection and inner conflict with the word "home".
  • Intimacy
    Sizes Variable
    Digital Photography
    Using colour and light to create an intimate atmosphere and surrounding whilst exploring sensuality without the need to show it all.
  • Two Years Later
    Sizes Variable
    Digital Photography
    Two years later this figure and I reunite and is once again photographed; a visual representation of the increase in self-confidence and self-love.
  • Close
    Two 18"x24"
    Charcoal drawing on paper
    These two self-portraits reflect the journey in finding my sensuality and sexuality.
  • Contradictions; (im)Permanence
    Approx. 36"x60"
    Installation; Video projection, photographs, drawing on skin
    The purpose of this installation is to deceive the viewer, and to raise questions about what is real.
  • A Conversation Between My Father and I
    Sizes Variable
    Two-part installation. Homemade slides from my film photography across one year, self-repaired overhead projector; accompanied by a short film of my father viewing slides of his own photographs, which were taken when he was 18. Upper right-hand photo shows stills from the film.
    The most important part of this installation is the process; the steps of recreation and connection between my father and I.