• Seed Magazine
    publication design

    The goal this magazine is to give readers tools to live a more sustainable lifestyle (i.e. to consume and waste less and be mindful of impact on the earth), and to inspire them through stories of individuals who make a difference. Divided into four sections, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, the stories, art, reviews, essays, poetry and design throughout the magazine all seek to emphasize our connection and responsibility to the earth—and to one another.

    The publication design is unified through four colors used for each section, typefaces, and a "seed" motif that appears throughout the publication. The sustainability principles of the publication is also manifested through design and production. The magazine is designed with no bleeds, so excess paper does not need to be trimmed. In lieu of bold headline type, I used the typeface Ryman Eco, which was designed to conserve ink. The magazine is printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled, Forest Stewardship Council and Green Seal-certified paper. The electricity used to manufacture the paper is offset with renewable windpower.