MICA 2018 Competitive Scholarship Portfolio

  • MICA Competitive Scholarship Portfolio 2018
    Tanvi Sharma
    BFA Painting & Humanistic Studies '20
  • Dump Your Boyfriend
    36" x 48" , oil on canvas

    A painting exploring the relationships of how a figure is still, but vibrating and how she belongs with her background, but not quite. 
  • Degausser
    6' x 3', oil on stretched paper

    A painting on the experience of diaspora and disassociation.  
  • not quite my tempo
    18" x 24", oil on paper 

    A portrait of Miles Teller from Whiplash (2014) dir.  Damien Chazelle.
  • "as with a wound on one’s own body, it is possible to develop an intimacy with the most disturbing of things."
    — Kazuo Ishiguro, A Pale View of Hills

    32" x 48", oil on canvas 

  • The Veil
    42" x 60" , oil on canvas

    An in progress working exploring the idea of the double consciousness and the veil as explained by W.E.B. Dubois.  
  • diaelectic live portrait studies of Julia Fletcher
    24" x 30", watercolor on paper 
  • Visual Poetry, poem by Scherezade Siobhan
    9" x 11", 4 panels, 
  • Frame by Frame Animation
  • Visual Poetry. Poem by Jack Gilbert, from 'Naked Except for the Jewelry', 
    4 frames, digital painting in photoshop