MICA Competitive Scholarship 2018

  • MICA Mascot Advertising Poster
    Graphic Design I • Fall 2017
    An advertising poster for the MICA mascot poll.
  • Book Talk Poster
    Graphic Design I • Fall 2017
    A poster for the visiting artist in the Book Talk event.
  • Visual Identity
    Typography I • Fall 2017
    Logo, business card, and letterhead
    A series of products for my personal logo design. 
  • Architecture Publications with August Whitaker and Xi Li 
    Graphic Design I • Fall 2017
    An accordion book design for the Gateway. 
  • Icon Design
    Graphic Design I • Fall 2017
    Logo, Index, and Symbol designs for the fake little hand and​​​​​​​ the human hand. 

  • What makes you happy?
    Introduction to GFA • Fall 2017
    Watercolor & Marker
    100 objects that make people happy.
  • What makes you sad?
    Introduction to GFA  • Fall 2017
    Paper cutting & marker & acrylic
    66 objects make people sad.
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