MICA Competitive Scholarship 2018

  • Competitive Scholarship 2017-2018
  • "I Am For..." Poster
    This poster provides an engaging visual to a line in Claes Oldenburg's poem "I Am For.."
  • Traditional Turned Digital
    Throughout high school, I often worked with clay, creating various ceramic pieces, however, since coming to MICA and pursuing graphic design, I found myself working more digitally. To illustrate this conversion of physical media to digital media, I digitalized my sculptural ceramic pieces, thus literally flattening a three dimensional work to convey the transformations in my art practices. The simplifications of the previous complex 3-D works represents a new design mindset of keeping things simple and minimal. By digitally manipulating and creating these neon light fixtures, something that's typically seen and made physically, it further adds to this subtle transition of traditional to digital media. 
  • Just Ripe Avocado Farm Branding
    Just Ripe is an avocado farm based in Camden, Maine that aims to communicate the large amount of time it takes for avocados to ripen and prepare for consuming to illustrate the company's ability to carefully grow avocados in a non subtropical region.
  • Jade Harbor Flag
    Jade Harbor, a small, local Chinese restaurant in Philadelphia, sells various Chinese foods ranging from dim sum to classic Cantonese dishes. This flag design highlights the restaurant's bustling servers and their fast paced movements, the energetic atmosphere through loud conversations across the table, and the importance of community and family as we share several side dishes while talking to the workers in our dialects. 

  • Film Blanc Posters
    Along with the lack of representation in media and films for people of color, Hollywood has a long history of whitewashing films and characters that, unfortunately, continues and remains prevalent today. This poster series serves to highlight the immense whitewashing in numerous Hollywood films. By primarily focusing on typography through the listing of whitewashed films and characters along with subtle, symbolic imagery, it overwhelmingly illustrates this large issue.