Portfolio for Competitive Scholarship

  • Self-portrait ​​​​​​​,17''x24''
    Black, white charcoal, 2017
  • Sketch of Sedona Canyon, 6''x8''
    Watercolor, open-air 2018
  • Russian Mythology, 24''x34''
    Acrylic, colored paper, 2017
    This project is about the Russian mythological creature - Alkonost, which is connected to traditional Russian holidays, called Yule, and usually celebrated in January 7-19th. During this period people usually do fortune telling and other traditional ceremonies, using some Russian symbolic attributes.
  • Arizona landscape, 6''x8''
    Watercolor, open-air 2018
  • Partition, 5'9'' height
    Wood, tracing paper, colored paper, 2017
    This partition represents the complexity of human nature, as ofter we do not know what hides behind the cold and confident stranger. I am convinced that all people are kind and soft inside, it is just hard to open your soul to anybody. It takes time, and finally strong machine begins to fade.

  • Hua Niao, 12''x17'' each
    Chinese traditional ink painting, 2017
  • Personal geography, 17''x24''
    Pencils, acrylic, watercolor, 2017
    This artwork references famous Russian sculpture of Worker and Kolkhoz Woman by Mukhina with additional traditional Russian pattern - Khokhloma in the style of USSR's poster.
  • Still life with cast, 30x40cm
    Pencils, 2016
  • Portrait of unknown, 17''x24''
    Charcoal, 2017
  • Totem, 17''x24''
    Black/white charcoal, 2017