Emi Sun Animation&GFA

  • Emi Sun 
    Animation & GFA

  • Empty Street and Traces of Happiness (3D Printing Animation) 
    Inspired by the Thanksgiving Day parade in NYC. In the afternoon, the empty street was full of trash, prompting me to think about relationships in society: There is always somebody taking responsibility for our happiness.

  • Sculpture: VR Town: 
    When I traveled to Cinque Terre, the place that is famous for colorful houses in Italy, I found that the people are not happy with the government and tourism. Tourists see beautiful colors from outside, however, when the residents look through the windows from inside, they can not enjoy it. I built the town on virtual reality (VR) glasses and put an animation video. The video is VR format so that viewers can wear these glasses to feel the different perspectives.

  • Performance Video: Make up
    The idea come from an article: Walter Benjamin’s concept of mechanical reproduction such as photography. It makes me think how people look at everything "superflat" on the screen. On the social media, people upload their beautiful graphically pictures to it. 

  • Performance: Twister 
    A performance piece. The documentary was from the Michelle La Perriere's Forum II class. This performance also been played in the reception day of 2018 First Year Experience Exhibition in MICA.
  • Collage Video: Begin Again
  •  Experimental Drawing 

  • Sculpture: Home 
    Houses in the United States, according to my memory, are beautiful looking, but inside me, I knew that they don’t belong to me, and I don’t belong to there, too. It makes me think about seeing candy houses in store windows when I was a child. However, I moved to Virginia with my family to a big, red house. And now I finally have my own candy house.

  • Sculpture/ Book Design: Empathy
    We can find empathy from the people who differ from us. Somebody who lives in a different place, can speak a different language from me, and still connect with me. This is the treasure that I find when I study aboard.

  • Interactive Work: Open It/ Anonymous 
    The project called Anonymous was to pick an unknown object and make a piece response to that. The critique was processing without knowing who’s the artist. It gave me a chance to explore all my emotion, it’s also the first time I made a piece to explore my personal opinions. 

  • Sculpture: Surperflat Drawing
    Whether how much time, how much money we put on our works, at the end of the semester we finally just need a photo of our pieces. 

  • ----------------------------------------------
    Something personal that facing the Asian Audiences

  • Animation Music Video: Wondrous Little Box​​​​​​​
    Original Character
    Pencil animation + Images that have a graphic design quality. 
  • Derivative work​​​​​​​: Baika Wadan
    Characters from Fukumoto, Nobuyuki.
    Challenge of 2D animation with stronger movement.
  • Derivative work:Lemon
    Characters from Fukumoto, Nobuyuki.
    Challenge of environment drawing.

  • Interactive Work: Jenga/ How to make a successful composition
    I challenged myself to make my first piece a metaphor for my countries political issue, as an ironical response to the new policy in Chinese's social media.

  • Self-Introduction: A Girl with JXG: 
    JXG=Juvenile xanthogranuloma. I have had a life experience that no one has experienced before. This box includes items and a book, telling my life story before I came to MICA.