MICA Competitive Scholarship Portfolio 2018

  • B O K E U M    J E O N
    MICA Competitive Scholarship Portfolio 2018
    B F A   F i b e r ' 1 9
  • M O D : Modular Textile System
    rethinking the textile industry/production by recycling materials while designing multiple purposes for the material.
    December 2017
  • co-HOME
    a collaborative game where the players work collectively to make a home for each piece
    stoneware, felt, canvas
    December 2017
  • What Reminds You of "Home"?
    exploring what home means to me-- a nomad, as well as what my friends identify as "home"
    Fleece, digitally printed silk
    December 2017 
  • MU : MICA 24th Annual Benefit Fashion Show 2017
    MU is an all inclusive lingerie line challenging the stereotypes of the industry. MU reclaims lingerie as a celebration of oneself and a boost in self confidence, as each piece is customized to the model’s preference and comfort level.
    April 2017