Character Design - Mino, the Path Finder

  • This is Mino, the Path Finder

    Mino is one of 'stargazers', a group of people with a rare set of glowing eyes. They are born akin to stars. They can sense cosmic energy, the energy that governs the universe. They are called stargazers for a reason. They gaze at stars under starry night skies channeling into the cosmic stream. As a result, they step closer to the law of nature, finding out the truth. They have a much longer lifespan than normal humans, and their physical abilities get enhanced over time. They are often considered freaky but wise.

    Mino is heavily interested in geography. He endlessly wonders around the globe meeting new people and finding out new changes to the world. He is humorous and kind to everyone with his relaxed disposition. From the cosmic stream, he often obtains deeper understanding of geographical features of the Earth.