My Teeth | User experience for 5-7 year olds

  • Background:
    Ranked among the top five children’s museums in the United States, Port Discovery Children’s Museum offers three floors of interactive, educational exhibits and ever-changing programs for children ages birth through 10.
    Community education is among the museum’s core objectives. Specifically, they have a “Healthy First Saturday” program that’s a learning platform that promotes healthy living. Port Discovery offers a unique environment that reaches a broad spectrum of the region’s population. The Museum is a non-threatening and fun environment that is family oriented and requires active participation. These factors create an ideal environment for children and the important adults in their lives to learn how to make healthy decisions and apply those decisions though play. By reaching children at a young age (birth – 10 years), the Museum can start them on the right path early when it is easier to change lifestyles.

    The Challenge:
    The current website and the museum itself have very different and often divergent experiences. We need to find a way to bridge and align the physical and the digital experience while meeting these community health education objectives. Generally, physical experiences or installations drive the digital companion, but in a trend-bucking move, the museum has decided to create a digital installation first and to let it drive a physical/exhibit companion.

    Our challenge is to create a digital experience that 5-7-year-old children can play with and learn from on a desktop, mobile phone or tablet. My Teeth is an App that children can interact with and learn proper brushing technic in a fun way.

  • 01 Build a persona
  • 02 Information Architecture
  • 03 The solution 
  • Deliverables:
    Information architecture for the experience
    Persona/s for each of the users
    User Journeys for at least three major tasks
    Annotated Wireframes
    One or two high fidelity screens to offer a complete sense of the experience you are designing
    InVision Clickable Prototype 

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