• ZHI WEI (之味) is an organic food company. This branding project is for one of its product lines: SELECTED (甄)

    SELECTED is a line of single package nuts which fulfill daily nutritional requirements. It is targeted to people who care
    about daily nutrition or who need a healthy snack to eat on-the-go. There are four different nuts in—almonds, hazelnuts,
    peanuts, and walnuts. The packages are distinguished with different pen and ink illustrations, and quotations from ancient Chinese medical dictionaries. The design of this product line takes over the culture of traditional healthy eating habits but
    also keeps a clean and modern look.
  • A leaf combined with this clean typeface demonstrates the core identity of the brand which values modern, simple
    and organic lifestyles. 
  • The series logos retain minimal to keep their legibility and cohesion.
  • Pen and ink illustrations look simple and elegant on craft paper. The Package thus easily stands out from competitors which are normally overdesigned with complicated color palettes or other visual elements.
  • A motion graphic advertisement for promotional use.