MICA Competitive Scholarship 2018

  • D i a n a    E u s e b i o
    MICA Competitive Scholarship 2018
    experimental design for debate and discussion 
    within concepts of race, ethnicity, culture, nature and sustainability

  • La Familia Collection: Mucho Ojo (keep an eye out/ be careful)
    July 2017
    Photographed by Derek Casas.
    Garments patterned and sewn by me for each of them.

  • Hurricane Irma & experiments
    September 2017
    Blacklight florescent bacteria 3D Bio-printed on 3 stacked petri dishes & 3 process experiments.
  • Apricity: (the warmth of the sun in the Winter)
    2017 Hueman MICA Benefit Fashion Show
    Collection made in collaboration with Shelby Slayden
  • En la oscuridad la falta de colores no desanima mis valores
    (In the dark the lack of color doesn't discourage my values)
    May 2017
    Self-patterned and sewn jacket from screen printed MX dye and glow in the dark ink on silk organza. 
  • Manta Peruvian Print Collection
    October 2017
    5 original Repeating Prints: each with 5 colorways designed on Adobe Photoshop. (watermarked)
    2 selected to print 2 yds each on Digital Textile Printer.
  • Apito and Rico photo series:
    "Act Natural", "Apito","Offering", and "Creation" (in order)
    September 2017
    Machine knit cotton yarn with hung beads and MX dyed yarns.
  • Me mudè, pero soy la misma (I moved, but I’m still the same)
    April 2017
    Patterned and sewn travel set made from 'my personalized Manta print' digitally printed on Satin Twill.
  • U.S. Census Straight Jacket: Systematic Imprisonment
    November 2017
    Engineered digital textile printed on cotton knit sweater
  • They say immersion in nature improves comprehension. (clip from video)
    Site specific video installation (in Station Bldg Installation Room): red and black knit jersey to cover walls, ceiling and floors, artificial pine scented air freshener, artificial grass mat for viewer to lay, animated nature desktop wallpapers, superimposed race and ethnicity questions, projector for video on ceiling.
  • What color is 'nude'?: An exploration of the Eurocentric skin color standard
    December 2017
    Hand sewn water-absorbent Kombucha SCOBY swimwear top and bikini on body & stored in underwater closet.