Motion + Sound

  • Motion & Sound is a motion graphics project that allowed me to explore how music could be shown through shapes and movement. Listening to Smiles Tiles by Auggie Aulinz, I created visuals of simple shapes and bright colors to convey the happy, chirpy sounds of the music. It was a fun challenge matching the movements and shapes to the beat and explore the different ways to transition as the tempo changes.
  • While listening to the song, I sketched out a bunch of shapes and aesthetics to start thinking of designs for the piece. I then finalized the visuals and transitions as storyboard and match it to specific sections of the song.
  • Exercising motion skills, color scheme through small Charettes. The short looped motion to the left is a galactic-themed collaboration where we made micro machines that became a small element of a bigger composition. Using our 30 and 60 frame loops, I created a pattern-esque final piece that represented space through abstract shapes and colors. Below is a simple transition from black to white and back to black square, created after a quick storyboard and pushing the limits of the simple shape.
  • Thanks for Viewing!