2018 Competitive Scholarship | Capsule Hotel

  • 2018 Competitive Scholarship | Capsule Hotel
  • Capsule Hotel
    An accordion book
    18 pages | 5.5 x 5.5 inches/page
    Prime matte paper
    2017.11 | DAKECUI

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  • Life is a love story. This is a love story.

    Capsule hotel can be seen as a metaphor. Though it is not an "elegant and beautiful" environment, it still have space for love story to happen.

    A man and a woman met in a capsule hotel. Capsule hotel is a kind of space that different people moving in and moving out frequently. Obviously, most of them are poor people. He lived in the hotel for a "long time" because of some reasons. This is really not a enjoyable experience. The man is quite an introvert. He always stay alone. He is used to stay alone.

    Future is unpredictable. The woman came into his life, carefully and quiertly. She tried to "walk closer" and understand him more.

    Story begins.
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  • Cover
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  • This image shows the process about those dots' pattern in the previous image (Left side). The B/W photo was shot by myself. I tried to make it not so obvious in order to create the "limitation" and "similar" feeling.
  • 2017 \\\\\\\\\ DAKECUI