Competitive Scholarship 2018

  • MICA Competitive Scholarship 2018
  • A Series of What Ifs
    Various found and hand-dyed yarns

     A weaving articulating the concept of sketching. A trial and error, a never-ending question. This piece revisits the child-like tendency to create unknowingly.
  • Series of What Ifs (detail)
  • Anxiety Shelter
    starch resist dye on cotton print, plastic vinyl, batting, PVC pipes

    As a highly sensitive person, I find myself often crying and overwhelmed by the stimulus of everyday life. This tissue box, which is inspired by my childhood hiding closets serves as a therapeutic space to heal. 
  • Anxiety Shelter (detail)
  • A Tree Grows in Baltimore
    In collaboration with Kyle Kutner, Bao Nguyen, Alex Ortiz, Zhijun Song (with permission)
    Poplar, Plywood

    In efforts to connect with our neighborhood, we reached out and collaborated with local tree enthusiasts to help problem solve the lack of tree awareness in the community. By helping them plant the trees, build fun eye-popping tree stakes (not all pictured), and install informational plaques, we hoped it would provide a greater sense of community.

  • Microaggressions
    dyed cotton woven in double cloth

    Seemingly harmless everyday microaggressions build up and strangle over time. My identity is left with nothing but your assumptions of me