• Transfer humble crafts into high and modern looks, this is what Square By Shaobo does with its design. For this season, we collect colors inspired by natural landscapes and crochet them onto canvas tote bags. Young, simple and effortless, a Square By Shaobo bag always remains your look as fashion favorites.

    All these patterns are designed and crocheted by myself, and I love them!

    This clean sans serif typeface keeps the logo neutral and modern. The tail of the uppercase letter "Q" is symbolized as a crochet hook, which implicates our brand culture.

    Use high-quality paper with french folds on every page, this limited edition of the lookbook keeps mood photos on the left and product shots on the right so it is easy for customers to do any comparison through flipping over pages.

    Wearing a Square By Shaobo bag with any casual outfits, the poster clearly demonstrates that our bag can be worn by both males and females, and it can definitely light up your daily look.

    The website chooses light grey as its background color, and only applied with minimal designs to make sure our
    customers would not feel our bags are overpowered by the webpage design, which guarantees an easy and comfortable
    online shopping experience.