MICA Competitive Scholarships 2018

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  • Competitive Scholarships 2018

    Dione Lee
    Interactive Arts '19
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  • mani(fester), 2017
    generative sculpture installation
    arduino, thermal receipt printer, handmade junction box
  • mani(fester) is an installation consists of a handmade junction box and a receipt printer that generates symptoms from WebMD every minute. From a discreet and concealed fixture, the machine slowly becomes noticed by people in the space and becomes hard to ignore, mimicking the nature of hidden and malignant symptoms of illness. It eventually piles up over itself on the floor and creates a mess that becomes hard to ignore.
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  • purgatory sanatorium, 2017
    accordian-style brochure
    laser print on cardstock
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  • body book, 2017
    interactive book
    arduino, wires, desoldering wire, vellum, pvc sheets
  • Body Book is constructed around a poem that speaks to a post-globalisation and post-westernisation anxiety and nostalgia. As an interactive piece, Body Book invites the viewer to feel the pages of the book with its pulsating lights instead of just reading its words, presenting a body-focused narrative, instead of an intellect-focused one. The book acts as a resistance to traditional, written presentations of ideas, and bares its skeleton at the very end, as a symbol of acceptance of its very nature of construction. 
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  • (x,y) chaos translations, 2017
    kinect sensor, projector, speaker, laptop with processing
  • XY (Chaos Translations) is an experiment and exercise in trying to understand our bodies and randomness, in the context of a graphing system dependent on it. In theory, this graphing system could be applied in response to anything that generates chaos, but for this specific project, human traffic and movement through a space will be the data pool of choice. Stemming from early computational graphic, this projects hopes to use the visual vocabulary of computation in that era to bring back a certain nostalgia of fascination with both math and parametric computation. As an exercise that strives to limit bias of movement, it will be recorded and documented through discreet cameras placed at different angles in the room.
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  • kyberklick, 2017
    interactive 3D mapping system
    resin, wood, acrylic, vellum, crayons
  • ‘Cyber‘ is derived from ‘cybernetics‘, which in turn is derived from the Greek word ‘kubernētēs’ (κυβερνᾶν), meaning ‘steersman'. The ‘steersman’ is the locus of control in navigating the seas, yet cyberspace as we know it seems to have infinite nodes of influences over millions of channels. KyberKlick explores narrative and cartography through materializing elements of cyberspace to create a tangible and editable mapping interface. This interface invites the audience to rearrange unitary components to form a matrix and make a print of their own hybrid map. What would a map with you as the ‘steersman’ look like?
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