Competitive Scholarship 2018

    Package Design | December 2017
    Reed Diffuser package design reflecting the currently rising trend of Korean beauty products in the US market. Hyang’s Scent of Korea collection embraces the modern minimalistic style while carefully balancing elements of traditional Korean designs.

    Book Proposal | December 2017
    The Drop is a book proposal based on a collection of scratches and dents, and the memories they carry on my laptop.
  • IDOT
    Typography | November 2017
    Idot is a newly imagined typeface of Didot designed to be more playful. The type specimen book was then reinterpreted into a set of four posters representing  "slow design" versus "fast design" in both static and time-based medium.

    Package Design | November 2017
    Slash is the new mascot for MICA deriving from the final " / " in the school's logo. Closely following the style guide, the packaging embraces MICA spirit with its saturated color palette and the Brown Center inspired box shape.

    Motion Graphic | October 2017
    Final Battle is a sound visualization project using a time-based medium.