mica competitive scholarship 2017-18

  • MICA competitive scholarship 2017-2018
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  • I have swallowed up all the things in the world and this is what has become of them
    12'' - 14'' width, 34'' length (28'' without the fringe)
    yarn, string, plastic bags, plastic forks, bread tag, embroidery floss, sequins, aluminum foil, zip tie, friendship bracelet, crayons, fabric, hanger

    a yarn and found-object weaving
  • Tobert 
    10'' L x 11.5'' W x 11.5'' H 
    pink slip, glaze, earthenware
    a frog shaped ceramic vessel made to hold your secrets , exploring words and sound in relation to a ceramic vessel
  • not that you would know
    154'' width x varying heights (79''- 30'')
    watercolor, gouache, collaged paper, staples, glue, oil pastel, ink, gesso, sequins, and crayons on watercolor paper

    a series of mixed media pieces combined into one, exploring dreams, dream logic, and the inner self
  • large tobert
    22'' L x 15" W x16" H 
    32" circumference at orange joint
     purple slip, glaze, epoxy, gouache, acrylic, crayon, oil pastel, stoneware
  • i am spitting everything onto the walls

    an installation including large tobert (above) and a stop motion piece, insides (below)
    the video is projected onto the wall from the frog using a pico projector
  • As seen in the video,

    puppet stop motion 
    phone sound from transitking on freesound.org
    hums on the other line voiced by Emily Purdy

    cut paper stop motion 
    music: All this falls away by Andrew Boylan

    mixed media stop motion claymation
    repeating gif, projected from large tobert in i am spitting everything onto the walls

    story without you or me in it 
    animation using acrylic paint and photoshop

    everything has wilted including myself
    documentation of my multimedia elements final 
    sound, animation done with crayon, and video projected into a cardboard house with paper mache figures and mirrors, sound of children talking from a video my dad took of my sisters and i