MICA Competitive Scholarship 2018

  • 2018 MICA Competitive Scholarship
    Madison Trotman 
    BFA Photography '19
  • Most of my work is concerned with identity and place. My art seeks to capture my experiences and my world. More recently I've been wrestling with the idea of home and what that is for me since my mother passed. My photographs serves as reflections of my life in a transitory state as my relationship to home changes.
  • Home, 2017 //  4x6" double-sided prints, handmade oak box
  • 35mm scan from "Home"
  • Blue Prints of Gunpowder Falls, MD 2017 // Cyanotypes on fabric 2'x4'. Quilt 4'x5'
    Cyanotypes were made and processed in Gunpowder Falls State Park using natural elements. The picnic blanket is also made from cyanotypes.
  • From the series "Home"
  • Grain Silos, The Eastern Shore, MD. 2017   //   Large Format 4x5 scan
  • Cathey's Creek Church of Christ, TN (The Church my Mother Grew Up In), 2018  //   large format 4x5 scan