MICA Competitive Scholarship 2018

  • WE GRAPHIC DESIGN,  self-developed website | April 2017
    This is a website of 'WE GRAPHIC DESIGN,' a virtual event on introducing graphic design in daily life to people who are not familiar to a concept of graphic design. The website consists of four separate pages, and each page has detailed information of the event. Simple grid system and neon color palette are used to give welcoming vibes to people. Also, there are some fun interactions. Visit the website and experience more!

  • I'm Nobody! Who are you?  24*36 photo poster | May 2017
    Visualizing the phrase from a poem 'I'm Nobody! Who are you?' by Emily Dickinson. 
    Base on personal interpretation, two mirrors and laser cut paper letters are used to show repetitive self-reflectional concept of the phrase.   
  • Untitled  photobook | April – May 2017
    Squashed face symbolize our hidden desire that we don’t want to reveal, and the device that has squashed face in it represents ourselves becoming ‘objective others’. Chapter 1 displays interaction between environment and the device, and chapter 2 literally shows myself becoming other people. Chapter 3 is about revealing. 
  • Untitled-1  static and motion poster series | Nov 2017 
    Reinterpreting the photo book, and turning it into a series of static and moving posters. Two posters from the left are based on concept of slowness, and the rest two are based on concept of dynamism. The concept of slowness and dynamism from reinterpreting the book was inspired by the relationship between cover and content of the book. 

  • 시나브로  photo poster series printed on transparent paper | Feb 2017 
    A project of Introducing foreign expression only with visual design. 시나브로 means ‘little by little, slowly but surely’ in Korean. It is very organic and natural action, like ice melting. Ice and watercolor paint are used. 
  • 안녕. 나는 재영이고, 나는 한국에 갔었어. 
    / Bonjour. je m'appelle Jaeyoung, et j'étais en France.  
    variable edition of three hand-bound books | Nov – Dec 2017 
    This book is in variable edition of three. As in accordion book form, it is double sided. One side has photos from Korea, and the other side has photos from France. Each spread includes one more layer of transparent paper that has date of the photo and some drawings on it. The dates are same for the photos so they are letterpress printed and drawings are hand-drawn, so each book has different drawings.  
  • Inter;action photobook | Mar 2017
    It is always interesting to see how figure and background interact with each other. This series of photos shows how I naturally capture the moment of figure and background/environment. Also, all the texts in this book interact with the photos in weirdly harmonious way. ( closeup of texts in the book)

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