MICA Competitive Scholarship 2018

  • 35mm color film scans 
    From a series of photographs about the separation of my brother and I called,  To Joseph, Love Jo 
  • mood shots, posters, and the look book
    Russet is a brand I developed for creative women to lounge, climb, eat, and survive a windy day in. The clothes in Russet allow the body to have full freedom and movement, accompanying them wherever they may find themselves. Russet’s collection features five mid-length skirts, made from a linen fabric and then hand embroidered with snakes. The linen fabric has a soft weighted feel that flows beautifully but will also stay down during a windy morning at the farmers market. Russet hand embroiders all of their pieces bringing a delicacy to the brand and makes each garment a bit different. 

  • "Not For You"
    Poem, self-portrait, and journal
    Parts of my junior seminar exploring myself as a woman, through religion and nature using my experiences and symbolism.
  • A Still Life Study 1/9
    A piece from a series using ceramics I made and styled, paired with a line drawing observing the simple elements.
  • Oranges Are Beautiful 
    Exploring women's stereotypes, thinking about color, lighting, and styling.