Competitive Scholarship 2018

  • Sorry, You're a Gentrifier
    Addressing issues within recent graduates to encourage awareness
    of the processes of gentrification and subvert the associated seemingly 
    desirable aspects that often shepherd gentrification forward 2017
  • Spontaneity and Predictability
    Typologies experiment in creating harmony through contrast 
    through formal and process based methods /  2017
  • Space, in Space
    Typologies experiment in identifying form and space through the 
    content lens of an essentially formless concept 2017
  • Prim & Pawper Logo
    Visual mark for an upscale pet grooming company seeking 
    to provide a contemporary, sophisticated brand  /  2017
  • 24H
    24H is a time management interface intended to allow the user to
    obtain an overview on how they utilize their time, using gestural
    input methods to increase the relationship between the user and their
    data, and promote productivity /  2017