Apricity 2017 MICA Benefit Fashion Show

  • Apricity 
    (the warmth of the sun in winter)
    2017 MICA Benefit Fashion Show

  • Apricity defined is the warmth of the sun in winter. This sensation encompasses the personal life experiences of the artists, as they have each matured in a tropical environment and typically associate bright colors, light, and plant forms with nostalgia for their home in Miami. Its perpetual state of summer and vibrant natural life influences the diverse culture surrounding it. This collection includes a variety of symbols of nature and diversity, such as a blend of plants, illustrations, body parts, textures, and various prints. In order to demonstrate the impact that skin color has on the way we view each other, the prominent features of the body, such as the face and hands, are covered by mesh and sequins. The androgynous silhouettes of our designs disguise the gender of the wearer to emphasize the importance of the clothing instead of the wearer's physical features. Apricity seeks to engulf the viewer in the memories depicted throughout the collection.