Vibrant Ubiquitous Detailed, 2016

  • Kaleidoscope
    Watercolor Paint | Ballpoint Pens | Poster Paint • 17" x 24" • 2016

    Inspired by kaleidoscopes, I used the reflections of toy tops, nutcrackers, and puzzle pieces with different mediums.

  • Self-Portrait
    Colored Pencils • 17.5" x 23.875" • 2016

  • Inside-Out 
    Graphite • 24" x 18" • 2016

    I tried to express depth with the idea of my closet being a crystal cave. I emphasized this depth with the octopus showing movement that tries to reach further out.

  • Plastic Bags
    Acrylic Paint • 17" x 23.875" • 2016

    I found artistic potential from plastic bags which I always have thought were common and normal.

  • Cat-fished
    Colored Pencils | Poster Paint • 14" x 16.938" • 2016

    Using the silhouettes and objects that are reminiscent, I expressed a cat.

  • Goldfish: Rainbow Flavor
    Acrylic Paint | Clay • 11.811" x 8.268" x 4.724" • 2016

    The goldfish from my other artworks are transformed into sculptures.

  • REAL Goldfish
    Colored Pencils | Poster Paint • 21.875" x 14.5" • 2016

    By incorporating actual parts of the "Goldfish" crackers wrappers, I created my own goldfish design.

  • Tunnel book: Evolution of Goldfish
    Colored Pencils • 23.5" x 16.75" • 2016

    Inspired by tunnel books, I expressed the evolution of goldfish crackers turning into real goldfish.

  • Still Life
    Graphite • 22" x 15.75" • 2016

  • Seongbuk-dong: The Sky of Seoul
    Watercolor Paint | Ink Pen • 16.25" x 22.75" • 2016

    The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Korea is the sky filled with electric cords in Seoul. Inspired by this, I expressed the sky of Seongbuk-dong, where I lived, with watercolor and the urban Seoul cords with an ink pen.

  • Octopi Captured in Plastic Bags: Beauty is Captive
    Watercolor Paint | Poster Paint • 17.875" x 23.875" • 2016

    Plastic bags are very inferior. I saw the potentials of plastic bags; they can contain qualities. I expressed the containing ability of plastic bags by filling colorful octopi in them.

  • Textile Design: Teacups, Pearls, and Octopi
    Poster Paint • 18" x 24" • 2016

    I composed a textile design with jewelry (pearl necklace), ​​​​​​​teacups, and octopi. The octopi came from my previous artwork of "Octopi Captured in Plastic Bags: Beauty is Captive."

  • The Basement
    Graphite • 16.5" x 11.188" • 2016

    This piece won Honorable Mention in Drawing in the 2016 Congressional Art Competition.

  • Wormhole
    Watercolor Paint | Ballpoint Pen • 17.875" x 24.125" • 2016

    My focus on composition and kinetic motion are emphasized in this piece. With the chair, I expressed the movement of a swirl.

  • Roar
    Colored Pencils • 17.875" x 23.875" • 2016

    I incorporated objects of my interest in terms of shapes using the mask of my face as the basic structure. Overall, this piece defines my artistic interests.

  • Decomposition and Synthesis: Cans and Aluminum Computer Rings
    Watercolor Paint • 20" x 16" • 2016

    With can segments and computer inner parts, I constructed figures that I found attractive as sculptures. I expressed the structures through watercolor paint.

  • Red City in the Reflection
    Watercolor Paint • 21.535" x 18.11" • 2016

    The idea behind this piece is connected to my previous artwork, "Decomposition and Synthesis." I built a figure using computer inner pieces and composed a structure on the reflection. The reflection bears the resemblance of the "Emerald City" from "The Wizard of Oz."