GEN Z x DISCOVER / Brand Mashup

  • Branding project on an exploration of a consumer demographic and a clashing brand. The main goal of this project is to research a consumer demographic, pick a brand that is opposite to this group, and with research, branding, and design, bring them together.   
    After some research, I found main elements of Generation Z and Discover card, and tried to find a way to combine them both. Generation Z is interested in financial stability, higher education, entrepreneurship and smart money which are some elements Discover Card can promise. After all the style, and generation research, I decided my design to have three main goals in order for it to be towards Generation Z;
    Here are several images from my moodboard. I collected images that would include colors and styles that Generation Z would be interested in. The mood and style are clean and new, with unexpected color and pattern combinations. It is heavy on gradients since they are more customizable and they can fit into many different kinds of people. 
    This project is based on research and a lot of planning, therefore, I made several color studies to get the colors right. The O of discover is supposed to be customizable since that is one of the goals. Therefore I used a subtle gradient to present it. I decided to keep the logo as discover but I played with the O and different typefaces.
    The logo is lowercase with a different colored "O". The i of discover is smaller and stands out more since it is towards iGeneration. As for advertisement, I decided to make a landing page since Generation Z believes in the power of the internet. 
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