Book Covers 2017

  • Behind The Pines - Lauren J. Brown
    A beautiful story around the theme of hope and redemption.
    The character holds a heavy secret, looks for ways to escape the pain and find healing in his life.
  • The Summer of Crud - Jonathan LaPoma
    A dark story about a graduating college kid's struggle between facing the world and his music dream.
    I have the grey tone land as the mental illness and struggling, and all the colors stuck inside the figure as the potential creative energy.
  • Many Sages, One Tao - Douglas James Joyce
    An interpretation of Tao Te Ching with connections to Western philosophy and culture.
    I approach to this philosophy classic in an abstract way, and did little abstract spots for each verses, 81 verses in total.
  • A Case of Identity - Arthur Conan Doyle
    A book cover practice for one of the Sherlock adventure stories.
    I faded out the two mysterious male characters, and leave the female client the only clear figure.
  • The Short Seller (Translated version published in Taiwan) - Elissa Brent Weissman
    A finance story for the young readers, about a little girl learning and playing in the stock market.
    It was challenging because much more text were asked to be put on the cover compared with a normal English book.
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