Harvest Island board game

  • Harvest Island
    Board game illustration
  • Harvest Island is a Taiwanese board game, in which players play the role of farmers, planting different fruits based on the weather and terrain. It’s a very Tawainese game, we choose fruits that grow in different seasons in Taiwan, and paired with animals that only exist in Taiwan.
  • Board game cover, with space in the middle for the title. From foreground to background is spring to winter.
  • I did 12 animal/fruit cards, with Taiwanese fruits for four seasons, and Taiwan endemic species animals.
    For each animal, I tried to match it with the fruit visually. Like the dots on the lizard with the seeds of the dragon fruit, and the lychee with the bird's red belly.
  • Frame design for the four seasons:
  • The centerboard, from left to right is spring to winter.
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