Abstract ink painting series: Jump Kittens!

  • Abstract INK 纸本水墨 2018 – "Jumping Kittens"

    My current abstract ink painting series "Tigers", "Jumping kittens", "Roosters" and "Dogs" explores the movements of subject and passage of time through the use of "Bǐ" (Brushwork). I see "Bi" as my handwritings, an expression highly individual. Brushworks I create identify me from any other human beings. It is a medium for me to convey my emotions and meanings of the subject.   – Anita Yan Wong

  • Circus circus ,27x54 inches, ink on rice paper, 2018
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  • Anita Yan Wong is among the 100 renowned and emerging international artists, including Mark Ryden and Ellen von Unwerth to be showcased during the 10-day exhibition in Los Angeles.