Penguins Infographic book

  • INFOGRAPHIC PUBLICATION 6x9,52pages,2016
    "Penguins" is an Infographic book project.I choose a penguin as my objects and I wanted to inform people about the dangers and decrease in population that penguins face because they are my favorite animal. This book consists of 52 pages and is made entirely with a minimal feeling. I wanted to share with the reader some basic information about penguins in a way that is visually appealing and inspires compassion for penguins. 
  • I searched for as many penguins as I could, and studied their features. After that, I began designing each page delicately. I had lots of fun to see were provided by designing illustrations appropriate to the contents of each page. In the book, readers will be able to learn about 10 species of penguins: the Gentoo Penguin, the Emperor Penguin, the macaroni Penguin and the Adelie Penguin.