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    TEAM TESLA is an organization dedicated to spreading the truth about scientist Thomas Edison: he was kind of a dick. Many of the inventions that Edison claimed his own were actually stolen from various scientists, one of the most notable of which was Nikola Tesla. However, Edison is still popularized today--and is even considered one of the "founding fathers of science". Tesla, on the other hand, died a poor man, having had most all of his inventions stolen by Edison upon coming to the United States. By use of posters, our TEAM TESLA drinks, t-shirts, and other mass media, we hope to spread the word about Nikola Tesla and Edison's various nefarious deeds.

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    CHERRY CURRENT (caption): Hello, fine young sir or madam! You've stumbled upon one of our newest creations: the TEAM TESLA drink! Congratulations on being one of the first to enjoy these sweet sips. By enjoying a frosty Tesla beverage, you're spreading the word of our cause and looking extraordinarily attractive while doing it. Good on you.

    MAGNETIC MANGO (caption): Hello, fine young sir or madam! It seems that you or a very good friend of yours has purchased a TEAM TESLA drink. We'd like to congratulate you on your first step to becoming an even more educated individual. Not only does drinking TEAM TESLA spread the word about our favorite scientist, but it instantly makes you super cool! Wowza! Neato! Science!

    FUCK YOU EDISON (caption): Hello, fine young sir or madam! Welcome to the dazzling adventure that will soon be known to your tastebuds as a TEAM TESLA drink. While you're sipping away at your flavor of choice, you'd be happy to know that Tesla is slowly seeping into the brains of everyone around you. We'd just like to let you know that you're the best, and you totally rocked those jeans last Friday.

    RADIO GRAPE (caption): Hello, fine young sir or madam! You've just unlocked a world of extraordinary possibility by purchasing your first TEAM TESLA drink. While this does not, unfortunately, make you Tesla, it does spread the word about his inventions, which is really super rad. On top of that, it also allows you to communicate with the everyday porpoise. Ride on, space cowboy!
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