Museum of Unusual Food

  • Museum of Unusual Food
    Location: Brooklyn, NY

    The Museum of Unusual Food (MOUF) provides unique culinary experiences that introduce visitors to strange and unusual foods through interactive exhibits that engage their senses of taste, touch, and smell. Our mission is to enchant and inspire curiosity in diverse food cultures and culinary traditions.
  • Logo Concept
    Based on the shape of a plate, I created a dynamic logo system because people from different countries have varied perspective towards food. One normal traditional food can be seen as weird and unusual food to the people from another country. 
  • Dynamic identity
  • Repeat visitors stamp their MOUF passports and win delectable prizes for regular participation.
  • Exhibition Poster - Peculiar Fruit
  • Exhibition Poster - Bizarre Food
  • Unusual Food Lab
    Unusual Food Lab is an interactive experience that encourages visitors to create their own unusual foods. Visitors combine two to three ingredients, select a cooking method, and our patented algorithm does the rest! Players win awards based on the unusualness of the creations.

  • Inspirations

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