A New Look At An Old Chinese Language

  • A new look at an old language - Unlock the mysterious messages of ancient Chinese oracle bone characters that resonate with everyone across cultures and borders.
  • This is a design research project I did with my twin sister from “Chinese Traditional Typography” course. We were attracted by the mysterious ancient Chinese oracle bone characters. Created more than 3000 years ago, however these characters contain messages that could resonate with everyone across cultures and borders. Our study focuses on the two oracle characters “安”(Peace) and “命”(Life) which also represents the philosophy of ancient philosopher Chuang Tzu. 

    Surprisingly, their original meanings and forms though old are legible and they reveal the truth of Peace and Life beyond the limits of time. For example, the oracle characters  “命”(Life) is a picture of a kneeling man under the mouth from above which means “calling, life, fate”. The meaning of our life, a calling from above, is well illustrated by the ancient form. By combining the two chosen oracle characters with different themes such as modern life, future careers and fictional world, we explore and unlock their rich thought and the philosophy of the old Chinese.

    Medium: PS, AI, ID

    Design: Bella Hu, Becca Hu
    China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing 2018
    Copyright © Bella Hu, Becca Hu. All rights reserved.
    isabellahubao@hotmail.com, beccahu@live.cn