Neighbor Network

  • Video projected onto harnessess.
  • Clips from gallery performance. 
  • Similar to my piece about a social linchpin, this piece talks about a system or network of people. However unlike the linchpin system, which uses the concept of a leader, “Neighbor network” relies on no leader to function. This idea of consensus decision-making is seen through many examples in nature. Collective behavior governs swarms and schools of different animals for reasons that enhance their own survival and because of the multiple sources of information they will generally reach the correct conclusion. Animal patterning in groups also rely on how signals of attraction, repulsion, and alignment which, determined by where and when the signals are received, change the pattern that is created by the collective.
    As animals that have no real predators, we have outgrown this need to flock together in this same fashion in order to keep our survival rate from diminishing. Instead we have formed individualistic minds that keep us separate from the group. Even in situations where social groups form, we are individuals within a group. My hope for “Neighbor Network” is to allow people to feel the forces of alignment that are so instinctual to animals. Through the use of rubber tension cords, harnesses, and simple rules that are projected along with the ideal collective behavior, a group of twelve can attempt to function as one mind although they will have to battle with leaving their own consciousness behind and submitting to the group.