Chinese Impressionist Bird Paintings by Anita Yan Wong

  • Chinese Impressionist paintings by Asian American artist Anita Yan Wong

    "Birds" is a Chinese Impressionist painting series by Chinese Impressionist painting Prof. Anita Yan Wong, UC Berkeley Extension.
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    Artist Bio
    Anita Yan Wong, Contemporary American Chinese Impressionist painter, is a long time pupil of Hsin Pengjiu, a World-renowned Lingnan style master (嶺南畫派) and first pupils of Chao Shao An and Pu Hsin-Yu (Aisin-Gioro Puru), cousin of Pu Yi, the last emperor of China. With her background in Modern art and film, the artist is known for her distinct brush works and "Contemporary Traditional" paintings.

    Artist Statement
    My current works have been dealing with movement, patterns and emotions occured in nature; individualism in the viewer’s eyes and the role of traditional art form in the Millennium. My current abstract ink painting series "Tigers", "Jumping kittens", "Roosters" and "Dogs" explores the movements of subject and passage of time through the use of "Bǐ" (Brushwork). I see "Bi" as my handwritings, an expression highly individual. Brushworks I create identify me from any other human beings. It is a medium for me to convey my emotions and meanings of the subject. 
  • Moving Air painting collection, painting is available at Desta Gallery, CA
  • Chinese Impressionist Bird paintings "Moving air", inspired by expressive brush works of Guo hua and the Impressionist
  • Chinese Impressionist Bird paintings on Canvas by Anita Yan Wong
  • Movement and Emotions in Nature is what I want to capture as an artist...
  • Fishing on a rainy day, acrylic on canvas

  • "Earth breathes flowers, so that it could take our breath away" – Anita Yan Wong

    "A broken butterfly wing, a bunch of fallen leaves on the path way, a cicadas shell on a tree, some strangely grown twigs and pressed flower bookmarks from my childhood friend: I find these preserved objects beautiful and precious. I have preserved these strange finds from nature under glass with backgrounds of “Guo hua”, rice paper paintings, one of the oldest art form that honors Nature. They are given a second life and are frozen in time with new meanings under the glass, they tell stories of their existence and lives. Rice paper painting along with Calligraphy was once a common practice among all Chinese is seen by some as a dying art form. As a Chinese American artist, I want to preserve it, cherish it and bring it to life with new ideas and creative thinkings. The title "Preserved" contains the meaning of preserving Nature as well as the traditional art form of "Guo hua", both fragile but beautiful, both need to be protected and preserved. 

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